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Usage time limiter and eyesight protector for electronic equipment 

What is it?

ViewTSensor is an innovative system of parental control designed to care for the eye health of children, teens, and older people by limiting the usage of mobile devices and entertainment systems like gaming consoles, computers, smart TVs, etc.  

​It has been designed to control and educate children, and teenagers, in developing good habits for the care of their eye health and to attack additive usage of mobile devices and excessive consumption of multimedia.  

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How does it work?


The system includes a discrete foldable control for manual activation of the time limit and eyesight protection functions: an activation button (on/off) to limit usage time, and a second activation button for the proximity sensors that turn the screen on and off.      

This exclusive system can be integrated into other mobile or entertainment devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, smart TVs, and computers letting parents and caregivers supervise how long and how close children and teenagers operate the devices.  

Device usage timer

Controls excessive time consumption operating entertainment devices. 

The system includes a usage timer designed to let parents and caregivers how much time children and teenagers spend in front of mobile devices and gaming consoles.  

The timer can be activated manually and once the time limit has been programmed, the system will warn the user when it is about to expire leaving enough time to save and store gaming data before the system turning off the device. 

Once the time limit has been reached, the system interrupts the functioning of the device or the gaming console for 24 hours. This function helps the user keep a sense of time even when they focus on the game or any other entertainment activity by controlling screen time. 

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Proximity sensor

Protects the user’s eye health 

The system includes proximity sensors installed around the main screen, they activate a warning signal forcing the user back off and maintain a safe distance for their eyesight.  

When the distance between the face and the screen is less than 25 cms, the system warns the user to take adequate distance. Should the warning be ignored, and the screen suspension function is on, the sensors would turn it off automatically and the reactivation would only be possible when a safe eyesight distance is established. 

This ViewTSensor function encourages people to care for their eyesight health preventing screen visualization at an unsafe distance and reducing the risk for ailments like astigmatism, migraines, or red-eyes.  

Playability and prevention in the electronic device.


Auxiliary screens 

Solar panels


USB-C Port

The portable ViwTsensor includes two foldable supplementary screens that let parents and caregivers visualize the game without interfering in the child’s personal space or touching the device.  

ViwTsensor is an energy-efficient system that also incorporates solar panels for recharging purposes. 

This device allows additional accessories such as a mini-projector connected to the USB port facilitating a comfortable visualization of the game, video, or any other visual material.     

ViwTsensor includes a USB-C port that lets you connect the device with external monitors making the games, videos, or any other visual material, available for spectators and people around the user.


ViwTsensor can be installed in other electronic devices currently in the market!

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