Game time control



ViewTSensor is an innovative system of parental control designed to care for the eye health of children, teens, and older people by limiting the usage of mobile devices and entertainment systems like gaming consoles, computers, smart TVs, etc.  

​It has been designed to control and educate children, and teenagers, in developing good habits for the care of their eye health and to attack additive usage of mobile devices and excessive consumption of multimedia.  



Consumption Controller

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups


Rotating blades

Activate the 


Water circulation




Water cost and consumption control system

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This innovative device is installed in the water faucet to inform the user how many litters have been consumed and the price tag. 


It has been designed for simple installation and efficient usage in home and industrial settings.


Constant visualization of water consumption contributes to create awareness among the users; it encourages efficient use, saving 10% or more in water consumption.

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups




Water cost and consumption control system

Let's save the planet

This innovative device aims not only to reduce water consumption in the short term but to develop social consciousness around excessive consumption of
water and its effects in our planet.

In 2020 there will be about 290 million people with limited access to water; this is a very worrisome fact that proves the need for mechanisms to assist in the
reduction of water consumption

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Front-end Brake Light

The front-end brake light is an innovation that improves road security. Thanks to its front-end braking signal, it is possible to prevent collisions more effectively, hitting pedestrians, and car accidents on general.

  • Reducing run-overs:  thanks to this light, pedestrians are able to cross with confidence that the car is slowing down.. 

  • Easier lane shifting: cars on the road will more easily see if the vehicles trying to enter the lane are using the brakes.

Although this innovation has not been registered, the first systems are being installed in Spain, one of the first users is the entrepreneur and CEO of Balfratronic.

3 cups


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3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups


Canal por donde circula el agua

Componentes electrònicos



Portable paper bin

This is a portable and foldable paper bin designed to hold open plastic bags making them accessible for the user that can set them at the desired height and

Cas-Bin has been designed to be placed on countertops, like marble tops, close to the area where
someone is cooking or producing waste residues.

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Screen to visualize warnings

This is a new warning device that uses screens to emit messages to other drivers. Screens are installed in the front and the rear of the vehicle; they are connected to proximity sensors that activate automatically emitting warnings to the other vehicles making them aware of driving conditions asking them to keep their distance, be aware of sudden stops, etc.  


The system has preprogramed messages that are displayed on command by the driver or automatically triggered by the proximity sensors according to traffic conditions.   


This security device is designed to reduce traffic accidents considerably helping the drivers react promptly when in risk.   

Front of the vehicle.

Visual display.

Rear of the vehicle.

Display and

proximity sensor.r.

Lights to increase

visibility in the vehicle


Incorporating two additional pairs of lights improves the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers. These lights activate automatically when the key enters the ignition making the vehicle visible immediately.

They are installed, towards the corners, on the top of the vehicle making it visible to larger cars or trucks, the location of a vehicle is made known thanks to the white and red lights.


They are compatible with car roof racks and do not interfere with the normal operation of the car’s lights.

Vehicle videotape system



This innovative system installs a camera in the body of the car. It detects and videotapes vehicles driven aggressively or dangerously creating risks for other drivers and pedestrians.


The system can be activated or deactivated by the driver. It also includes a speed control system that activates immediately when the vehicle goes above the speed limit alerting the driver to slow down. It also saves the video and data collected during the recording.   



Body Mass Index Monitor

This is a portable electronic device with a programmable software that calculates the body mass index and hydration level in your body. The user places two fingers (one from each hand) in the system and it sends a low amperage current through the body collecting data related to hydration levels and weight.


Its small size allows it to be used independently or attached to a belt or bracelet.


The data can be visualized in a smartphone using an app that could be preset with the user profile.

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